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Kenzo Ceramic Coating

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Hello, my relationship with the IGL Coating brand is since March 2017, when I received the first order of products, I arrived at the brand browsing in the internet, I read the story of its creator Mr Keong and I was captivated by the perseverance he had in getting these products out to the market. At that time I lived in Panama, I used IGL Quartz and IGL Poly coatings, they seemed great, I was able to follow up with clients for months, and the durability and characteristics were maintained.

In 2019, established in Miami, I decided to contact IGL and acquire their ceramic coatings again. Kenzo is the flagship of IGL, promises 4 years of protection, a formula of 100% Silica, extreme shine and protection against marring, extreme hardness 10H

The experience using KENZO was really incredible, from the moment you open the case, with all the details that it has inside thank you cards for choosing Kenzo, even a key ring, you can leave everything to your client, as details that are always well received.

The Kenzo Coating is applied in a particular way, there are two processes, Base and Top coating, we start with the Base, its application is simple, a thick coating is felt that covers the surface very well, the particularity of the Kenzo installation vs. other brands is that you apply it to the whole car in one go, when you finish applying the whole car is that you remove it as is regularly done, with a microfiber cloth, I always recommend 2 or even 3 microfiber cloths, it is super removed Simple and does not leave those annoying residues of other coating brands, at once you perceive the fantastic shine it leaves on the paint, the finish is really different. Then, you wait about 2 hours after you finish applying the base and go on to apply the Top Coat, it is also super simple, this if you apply it and eliminate it almost immediately, I usually wait from 1 min to 2 to remove it, with 2 microfiber cloths is sufficient. The exceptional result of the best coatings I have tried and boy have I tried brands… ..

With the Kenzo coating, I would like to suggest widely, make the effort to do the best paint correction you can, minimum 2 stages, Kenzo is an excellent coating, the objective is to protect a surface free of swirl marks, scratches etc. I think it is not worth leaving certain scratches, if you do not want to do a full paint correction, I think you should use a regular coating, that is less durable, less expensive, not because of this a coating is bad or regular, at all, they are good the same, but they have other properties, usually 70% or less of silica concretion which is the main component of ceramic coating, remember that Kenzo has 100% Silica, it makes it extremely strong

Feel free to ask questions about Kenzo, if you want to contact IGL Coating directly for any advice, I recommend contacting Jennifer Turcotte on instragram @carsmotology is Training Director of the brand

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